spunta 1 What happens if I should cancel the lesson?

You can cancel the lesson at least 12 hours before, otherwise you lose your lesson.

spunta 1 Is it possible to have group lessons?

YES, we have SMALL GROUP lessons classes (not more than 4 students).

spunta 1 Is there any expiration term for my 10 individual classes?

YES, after 6 months your 10 individual package expires.

spunta 1 Is there any additional cost for group lessons due to the applications used?

NO, there is not any additional cost. We use SKYPE for that propose that is completely free.

spunta 1 Is the price of the book included in the price of the lesson?

NO, you should buy the book by your self.

spunta 1 Where can I buy my books? 

It depends on where you live and on the book that we decide to use. In many cases you can purchase the book online and receive it to your house or just download the digital copy.

spunta 1 Is it possible having only conversation classes?

Yes it is. We can focus our attention on specific conversation topics in which you are interested.

spunta 1 May I ask for a customised lessons package?

Sure! Just write at: [email protected]

spunta 1 Does the School organise courses for getting italian certifications like CILS and CELI?

Yes we do, don’t hesitate to contact us for that purpose at [email protected]

spunta 1 May I pay the courses with other currencies than euro?

Unfortunately not, the School accept only euro payments.